Children have seemingly boundless energy, often up and bouncing in the day and having an endless sense of curiosity. To keep little minds creatively engaged, resourceful parents have relied upon time-tested avenues of art, craft, music, and science. Parents have come to discover that there is nothing quite rewarding as seeing your own child proudly display their completed artwork, with smudges, fingerprints and all.

Funovator provides a wide array of highly interactive children art and craft products and conducts Visual Arts enrichment programs for playgroups, nurseries and kindergartens. ​Carrying a full range of Modelling Clay and Disney Suncatcher products, children can develop fine motor skills through clay modelling, shaping their imaginary two-nosed elephant or green tailed puppy. Familiar cartoon characters like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh will keep interest levels piqued as your child paints on Suncatcher templates, designed as photo frames or for sticking on surfaces, perfect for room decoration. And if the young ones love fashion, fabric paints in glitter and normal variants provide a colorful way to style unique couple or family T-shirts.

​Possessing keen business innovation, Funovator have also developed their own brands, ‘Clay Kingdom’ and ‘Paint Kingdom’, putting Singapore on the world map of art and craft products; along with 'Petite Artiste'; our Arts Enrichment Programme trademark. Made with top quality materials, ‘Clay Kingdom’ and ‘Paint Kingdom’ are non-toxic and adhere to rigorous international standards of safety. 

With a passion to ignite creative learning in children, Funovator have gone a step further in developing customized Art Camp programs for various schools and learning centres. Professional art techniques such as Frottage, Weaving and Stippling are introduced to participating children together with hands-on clay moulding practices, making art time fun and enriching. For parents wanting to create special memories, Funovator also organizes art and crafted theme parties and workshops, making childhood birthdays just that little bit more special.

Over the years, Funovator has delivered our Petite Enrichment programmes to many preschools and childcare centres. We have since collaborated with more than 50 centres in Singapore with our enrichment programmes and holiday workshops. We have also collaborated with many corporations and event organisers in delivering our craft activities and clay modelling workshops as part of their value-add services to their customers.

Inspiring Imaginations & Encouraging Creativity

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​​Funovator is Singapore's leading Art company for kids  Our uniquely crafted Arts and Crafts program is widely recognized and has been awarded with Singapore's Excellence Award in 2013. At Funovator, we strive to bring out the best in every child we engage.