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Combine Learning And Enjoyment In Your Own Art Birthday Party In Singapore

By having our art specialist conducting your child’s birthday party, you can be sure that the children would actually be able to create their own artworks. Let all of the participants in the kids birthday party have fun as they all try their best to create the best art pieces.

With the festive atmosphere of the birthday party, all of the kids would be able to develop not only their creative skills, but also their social skills. As they continue to participate in making outworks together, the friendship between every participant would surely grow stronger.

You would even be able to see how your child creates artworks in action. You can watch as your child creates his own artworks – by doodling, clay modelling or painting. All of the hands-on activities in this arts and crafts birthday party would be age appropriate, so you can be sure that all of your guests would be able to enjoy your kid’s birthday party.

Recommended for children ages 3 and older, our fun filled Art Birthday Party in Singapore are totally participatory, totally safe and totally age appropriate for each and every child! 

Make your birthday party unlike any other, we don't just teach art. 

Kids participate in them HANDS ON! They learn through doing and they have lots of fun!

At the end of the birthday party, they all get to take home their very own unique art piece!


We have so many raving children and parents who have held our popular art theme birthday parties with us in Singapore. Let us plan your birthday party event with you together! 

With Funovator's Super FUN & Engaging Art Birthday Party - We will make your birthday party the most memorable event for you and your child! At your Birthday Party, leave the kids to us! Adults can freely miggle around with full confidence that their kids are having all the fun and having their creative juice running high! 

Let them experience art like they never did before! 
It's not only FUN, it's brings the creativity juices out from them!

Contact us today to enquire about our reasonable rates for a Fun Filled, Creativity invoking, Imagination engaging Art themed BIRTHDAY PARTY for your child! - Click Here!

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Best Art themed Birthday Party in Singapore for kids *Popular*

Double The Fun With An Art Birthday Party In Singapore

Funovator, one of the leading art program companies, offers different art classes for different age groups, but that’s not the only thing that the company offers. Aside from having art classes for different art schools, preschool centers and nurseries, Funovator also offers art parties for kids. We mix fun and learning as we help you celebrate your child’s milestones with an art themed birthday party.

Since the founding of Funovator in 2009, we now stand as one of the best art and crafts company in Singapore. Funovator is trusted because of the quality of our art classes– art classes which are both enjoyable and educational. With the art and crafts birthday party that Funovator will provide for your kid, you would be able to enjoy watching your child and his friends enjoying while stimulating their endless creativity.

Aside from providing a specialized art lesson for the kids art party by an art specialist, parents also won’t need to worry about all the art supplies and materials because it would be provided by the company. Even aprons – that are used so that the children would stay clean – are provided by the company. At the end of the party, all of the participants in the art themed birthday party would be able to leave feeling proud and accomplished with their own works!

With Raving Reviews! Funovator offers Fun & Creativity invoking Arts & Crafts Theme Birthday Party in Singapore. We have parents engaging us over the years to provide arts and crafts workshop during their children's birthday party celebration. Clay modelling are one of the TOP popular choice for parents & kids!

Clay Kingdom is one of our trademarked products that is made of the highest quality. Trusted by top brands, we had even use it to make a mini version of Hello Kitty for Sanrio in takashimaya fair.  Our clays are easily mouldable and makes very impressive end products that lasts for years! Our clay colors are fun and interesting, kids can even mix two different clay to create their very own colours! Kids have endless hours of fun in our art theme birthday party, they just don't want to leave! 

All Kids Would Love An Art Birthday Party In Singapore

Let your child and his friends enjoy their birthday company in a unique way. Let your child’s birthday celebration in Singapore be more memorable by having him throw an art themed birthday party. Kids love arts and kids love parties, too. So it would definitely be enjoyable as it combines two of the best things that kids want.

In this birthday party in Singapore that Funovator would provide, you would be able to choose which activities would be included in the party. From clay modelling to painting, parents can be sure that the birthday celebrant and all of the guests would have an enjoyable and enriching time in the art themed birthday party.