As one of Singapore’s leading art companies, Funovator offers programs that ensure quality result and big developments. Recently, more and more young children are participating and developing interests in arts and as a company that provides preschool art enrichment programs, Funovator can offer you art classes in Singapore that would increase your children’s art skills.

Funovator promises quality children art classes in Singapore and they have the experience to back up their claims. Throughout the years, Funovator has received different achievements in their field. Funovator’s Art and Crafts program is widely recognized and have been awarded several times. Funovator had even received a Singapore’s Excellence Award in 2013.

Funovator had been founded back in 2010 and it had grown from a simple retail cart to the large company that it is today. Funovator’s preschool art enrichment programs are actually not only popular in Singapore – where the headquarters is based – but also in Malaysia and Philippines, where international centers had been built back in 2011. Funovator mission is to ensure that in every kindergarten art enrichment classes and nursery art enrichment classes that they provide, they would be able to bring out the inner creativity of every children that participate in their art and crafts programs and services.

Over the past 5 years, Funovator has already provided programs for more than 50 preschool centers and childcares all over Singapore. The art classes for kids that are provided by Funovator are specialized and customized according to their age group, so you can be sure that the classes provided for each class are neither too easy nor too hard. The classes provided by Funovator promises self-development, self-expression and skill development. From the nursery art enrichment classes to the kindergarten art enrichment classes, you can be assured that all of the preschool art enrichment programs that Funovator provides would actually make a difference in the growth of every student that attends the class.

The team in Funovator is not only composed of experts that can effectively teach the programs, but is also composed of employees that are dedicated in making sure that every child enjoys every art class. With the customized art classes for kids that they provide, they make sure that every student is given equal attention. 

Since children have a large learning capability, it’s essential that parents and teachers take advantage by using this time to let them develop their skills as much as they can. However, as much as children can be very curious and inquisitive, they are also prone to becoming easily distracted as well as ignoring activities that they don’t prefer.

With the art lessons for kids that Funovator provides, their attention would not only be piqued, but would also be held. Funovator provides different types of classes which can range from clay modelling to painting. Their classes also include weaving, doodling, composition and even color mixing. Funovator provides art programs that don’t only bring out each children’s inner creativity, but also develops your children’s intellect, character, decision-making skills and even social skills.

The art lessons for kids in Singapore ensure that your children’s inner strength would be bring out with every classes that he has. The atmosphere in every class is fun-filled and children would never be bored during their classes. But while Funovator ensures the enjoyment in every class, the knowledge and skills that children would receive is not sacrificed. This Singapore art school manages to create a good balance between fun and school, making sure that both children and their parents are satisfied with every class.

The art enrichment classes in Singapore that Funovator offer also develops children’s social skills in every class. As every class introduces different skills like art fundamentals, color theories, crafting, clay sculpting and even painting, every class also provides different activities that can help strengthen the bonds in the class.

Funovator basically has six key learning areas that are emphasized in every class. All of these learning areas are necessary, as they fully help your child’s development. These six key learning areas are aesthetics and creative expression, world discovery, language and literacy, motor skills, numeracy, and social and emotional development. Funovator ensures that every class do not only develop every child’s creativity but also their entire personal development.

Every trainer provided by Funovator has three essential roles that they always perform. First, all of the trainers plan, support and guide every student in every art enrichment programs to the best of their abilities. Classes are properly prepared beforehand to make sure that it can have depth. Second, the trainer uses effective teaching strategies. Every trainer is able to effectively balance fun and study, making every program a perfect opportunity to develop every child. Lastly, the trainer makes sure that he observes and listens to everyone in the class. The trainer makes sure that every student is properly monitored, so that they would be able to grow.

Funovator's arts and crafts Enrichment & workshops are specially customized for PG, Nursery, K1 and K2. Art plays an important role in the children's development and growth. We apply the concept of Visual Arts, where children will explore the visual world, learn about self-expression and forming concepts of the environment.

We are delighted to offer our Petite Artiste Arts Enrichment Programme  for your preschool centre.  Funovator has been delivering Petite Artiste  programmes to more than 50 preschool centres  over the past 5 years, with more than 500 children every week. Children will be exposed to the differing art techniques from Stippling, Blending, Cross- Hatching, Sgraffito, Weaving, Composition, Frottage, Hatching & Doddling, and Clay Sculpting. Colour Mixing, Colour Tones and Emotions will be also introduced to bring your child’s coloring techniques to a higher level.  Parents will receive Monthly programme bulletin and Parents-Teacher Meeting will be organised to review the children's progression.

Funovator also treasures parents and centers and have constant monthly bulletins in order to let parents know and monitor their child’s development. There are also termly parents and teacher conferences, so parents can have personal conversations with the teachers in the case they want clarifications and comments.

Different art schools in Singapore have availed of their services for this reason. Preschool centers and childcares in Singapore trust Funovator and work together for a preschool art enrichment collaboration between the company and the centers. Aside from providing top notch art classes for Singapore art schools, the company has expanded their reach and scope. Funovator has expanded their art classes and programs to birthday parties, holiday workshops and corporate events.

With numerous preschool centers, nurseries, and art schools that are collaborating with Funovator, the company ensures that every cent paid is shown with proper results. Every child needs to be developed in early age so that they would grow up perfectly. Funovator helps with the growth - both personal and intrapersonal - of your child to make sure that they can become great adults in the future. 


Painting is one of our strengths at Funovator. The techniques and curriculum we teach are crafted by art professionals & full time artists. 

Being the leader in the kids art industry, we fully understand the capabilities of our children and we have adapted our curriculum based on their age group.

Take a look at our sample painting curriculum here: 

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