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In this upcoming March 2016, Funovator will be conducting the following Fun with Clay Modelling workshop with our collaborated preschools and childcare centres.

Painting Workshop *Popular*

Painting is one of our strengths at Funovator. The techniques and curriculum we teach are crafted by art professionals & full time artists. 

Being the leader in the kids art industry, we fully understand the capabilities of our children and we have adapted our curriculum based on their age group.

Take a look at our sample painting curriculum here: 

Let Your Child Join An Art Holiday Program In Singapore

As the upcoming holiday arrives, let your child join an art holiday program that would develop not only his creativity, but also his social skills and cognitive ability. Funovator, Singapore’s leading art company for kids would hold an art workshop for kids in this upcoming March 2016!

Funovator holds art classes in Singapore for children and is trusted by many art schools, preschool centers and nurseries all over Singapore. This is why you can be sure that the art workshop for kids that Funovator offers would help develop your child’s inner creativity. Your child might even find out his natural creative abilities with this art holiday workshop in Singapore.

The art themed holiday camp is open for all ages. Different art workshop for kids is customized depending on your child’s age group, so your child would be able to participate in the art themed holiday camp with other kids who have the same age. Since the art workshops are divided by age groups, you can also ensure that your child would participate in age appropriate art activities that would neither be too easy or too hard.

Use The Art Holiday Program In Singapore To Have Both Entertainment And Education

This art workshop for kids is not only educational, but it is also fun. All of the activities are customized so that your child won’t be bored and unresponsive during the workshop. Your child’s energy would go up, as the art themed holiday workshop has numerous fun activities that he would enjoy doing.

Letting your child participate in the art boot camp in Singapore would help him in the long run. Your child would be able to gain a lot of things in this short duration. Your child might even enjoy the workshop so much that this creative activity would become his hobby. With the fun activities planned by Funovator, it’s possible. Aside from the skills that your child would have, your child might even befriend a kid or too, making the holidays even better than it already is.

Make The Most Of The Holidays With The Art Holiday Program In Singapore

Instead of wasting the holidays and simply letting it pass by, it would be better to use this free time to help your child learn new skills. This art holiday camp in Singapore is one of your choices if you want your child to use the holidays to the fullest. While your child is still young, let him participate in this kinds of workshop so that you can develop his skills.

The art holiday program in Singapore would be able to give your child intensive lessons and activities, so you would really be able to recognize the result. This art boot camp in Singapore isn’t only about your child’s creativity. It is also about his mental ability, motor ability, social skills and even emotional capability! With only a short number of days, you would be able to see the difference in your child. 

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